Cannes Film Festival


Strut down the ultimate red carpet at the most prestigious, invite-only event. The Cannes Film Festival is the pinnacle of exclusivity, shining an annual spotlight on the French Riviera and the world’s A-list glitterati.

The Festival de Cannes is where the most anticipated new films make their world premiere to great applause and bated breath. Where movie stars are exalted, and history is made.

Pull up to the party in the Bay of Cannes aboard a yacht of your choosing. Make an entrance to each lavish reception with statement attire and head-turning transport.

Off-limits to the general public, film screenings are reserved for the accredited few. Dripping in sophistication and awash with Hollywood stars, the eyes of the world are upon you.Away from the silver screen, desirable boutiques and exquisite hotels line the Rue d’Antibes.

With a strict black-tie event dress code immortalized by the flash of the paparazzi and an international attendance list that rivals all other social engagements, there are few occasions that wow the senses as dramatically as the Cannes Film Festival.